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About Us

Antonuccio’s Italian Market was founded by Kerry and Patrick Antonuccio, two siblings who wanted to open a neighborhood market with local access to high quality, whole foods and an authentic Italian culinary experience. The market features locally sourced produce, fine Italian meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads and cookies, and select imported wines. You can visit Antonuccio’s Italian Market for your daily grocery needs, to sample family recipes, to discover an Italian deli, or to stay and enjoy an authentic charcuterie and imported wines.

Our goal is to provide our friends and neighbors with a large selection of fresh foods and the most authentic Italian products you can find locally. More than anything, we want to share the traditions of family and food that are at the heart of Antonuccio’s Italian Market.

Your everyday store

Antonuccio’s is committed to providing the highest quality foods at affordable prices. Whether you are shopping for the week, tonight's dinner, or a forgotten ingredient, Antonuccio's is just a short walk or ride away.

Your local specialty store

Stop by Antonuccio's to sample fine Italian cheeses, meats and olives; bring home prepared Italian foods; or order a hand-selected charcuterie board for your home, office, or party.

Unique products

Antonuccio's Market features over 200 products sourced from Italy and across the country.  The market's extensive collection includes authentic Italian pastas, olive oils, sauces, gourmet ingredients, and other specialty items you thought you could only find in Italy.